7 Benefits of Reading Books – How Reading Improves Your Cognitive Abilities?

Among all the skills you learn while growing up, none is more important than reading. Reading books is a healthy activity that boosts your mind, opens you to fresh ideas, and significantly improves your cognitive abilities. Reading is also an excellent way of expanding your vocabulary, lowering stress, increasing wellness, and exploring something new about yourself.

Is book reading a part of your daily routine? Are you fond of reading books to spend your free time? If not, this blog is worth reading for you. Here we will share some of the unique benefits Authentik has discovered of developing a habit of reading books that will encourage you to indulge in the habit of reading. So, stay tuned and enjoy this blog!

7 Surprising Benefits of Reading Books

The following are some of the surprising benefits associated with developing a habit of reading books. If book reading is not a part of your daily routine, or you do not enjoy reading books, the following benefits will encourage you to add this healthy activity to your daily routine. At Authentik we encourage our athletes to expand their mental strength through reading.


1. Gives a New Perspective to Your Life

Reading exposes your brain to new things, helps you develop a better understanding of the things around you, makes it easier for you to solve daily issues, and strengthens your cognitive functioning. It helps you realize yourself in a better and different way. It can help you identify your favorite hobbies and interests and explore things in a better way. Hence, it increases your chances of success in your career. That's how reading helps in giving a new perspective to your daily life.

2. It Helps in Reducing Stress

We all are living a stressful life. One of the best ways to get rid of stress and anxiety is through reading books. No matter how much stress you are experiencing in your personal relationships, at work, or from other daily lives, all stress fades away when you get involved in a thrilling story while reading a book.

Reading a book takes you to a new world, letting stress and anxiety fade away. It allows you to relax and enjoy a stress-free life. Less stress means improved health and reduced risk of developing chronic diseases. Hence, reading a book is strongly linked to improving your overall health.

3. Improves Cognitive Functioning

The most substantial impact that reading leaves on a human body is on his brain. You might have heard the famous saying, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” 

Reading is the best way to improve your imaginative powers and increase creativity. Creativity is huge at Authentik. We pride ourselves in our athletes being unique and creative. It helps in gathering new ideas and allows you to deal with complex situations in a better way. Reading increases your brain connectivity, especially in the somatosensory cortex, i.e., the part of the brain responsible for responding to physical sensations such as movement and pain. That's how reading plays a role in improving cognitive functioning and strengthening your mind.


4. Reading is the Best Way to Build Vocabulary

Studies indicate that students who read books regularly end up developing large vocabularies. This improved vocabulary influences many areas of your life, such as scoring well in tests, communicating effectively with your peers, and much more.

5. Reading Increases Your Knowledge

When you are reading books, you are constantly stuffing your head with new information. You never know when this information will become handy. The more knowledge you gain, the more equipped you are to face daily life challenges.


6. Helps You Fall Asleep Faster

Individuals who have developed a habit of reading a book before going to bed claim that reading makes them fall asleep quicker and more manageable during the night. It helps getting rid of insomnia. Hence, you must limit your screen time by ditching the gadgets and develop a healthy habit of reading books before going to bed. That's an ideal way of getting rid of sleep deprivation and enjoying a sound and comfortable sleep at night.

7. Improves Your Writing Abilities

If you are a content writer and want to improve your writing skills, the best way to do this is by developing a habit of reading. Reading exposes your brain to new vocabulary and new ideas. It sharpens your mind and improves cognitive abilities. Hence, when you start writing, your brain performs better, and you end up writing much-improved content compared to your previous performances.