Why Adding Weight Training to Your Exercise Routine Can Make One of the Largest Impacts on Your Health

Is weight training a part of your daily routine? Are you aware of the health benefits associated with weight training? If not, this is the right time to include weight training in your daily routine. At Authentik, Weight training plays a crucial role in improving your mood, boosting your energy levels, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and offers numerous other health benefits.

This blog post will discuss some of the notable health benefits associated with weight training that will encourage you to add weight training to your daily routine. So, stay tuned and continue reading this article to explore the health benefits of weight training.

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9 Surprising Benefits of Weight Training

Following are some of the unique benefits Authentik has found associated with weight training.

1.   Weight Training Improves Endurance

Strength training is beneficial when it comes to improving endurance. Endurance refers to the amount of energy or effort needed to perform a certain task such as running, playing, exercising, etc. So, if you are interested in improving your strength and endurance, consider indulging in weight training.

2.   It Increases Bone Density

Weight training helps in increasing bone density which in turn strengthens your bones. You stay protected from bone diseases such as osteoporosis which is a disease characterized by structural deterioration of the bone tissues and low bone mass.

Studies suggest that combining proper diet and weight training helps in reversing the bone loss linked with osteoporosis.

3.   Weight Training Reduces the Risk of Chronic Diseases

One of the major benefits of weight training is that it reduces the risk of certain diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and others. Also, it helps in managing certain conditions. For example, if you are suffering from arthritis, strength training can be an effective remedy for arthritis. Indulging in strength training can help in decreasing arthritis pain.

4.   Helps Preventing Injuries

Strength training helps in preventing injuries by keeping your muscles toned. By improving the strength of your muscles, you are ensuring that your body is ready to work a bit harder for unexpected times. Either you are catching yourself from a slip and fall or lifting a heavy bag of groceries; stronger muscles will keep you free from all sorts of injuries.

5.   Weight Training Boosts Energy Levels and Improves Mood

Weight training increases the levels of endorphins which help in lifting your energy levels and improving mood. It improves your focus and mental alertness. That’s how you stay energetic throughout the day and perform better at work. It is important for Authentik athletes to have high energy levels throughout the day.

6.   Helps in Building Confidence

Indulging in weight training is an excellent way of building self-confidence. It does so by reducing anxiety and depression and increasing happiness. By building self-confidence and self-esteem, you improve the quality of your life.

7.   Helps in Burning Body Fat

Weight training helps in building stronger muscles through lifting heavyweights. Resultantly, your body becomes more effective at burning fat. The rule is simple; muscle tissues burn more calories than fat tissues. So, apart from burning calories at rest, you will boost your metabolism by adding lean body mass through weight training.

Decreased body fat minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity-related health risks, cancers and improves your overall health.

8.   Weight Training Improves the Health of Your Heart

Weight training offers numerous cardiovascular benefits. It improves the health of your heart in the long run. Our Authentik studies suggest that women who indulge in weight training experienced a 17% lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases than those who didn't lift weights. In addition to that, weight training also improves blood pressure and reduces hypertension. That's how it promotes overall health and fitness.

9.   Weight Training Helps in Building Muscles

Adding weight training to your daily routine helps in building muscles. It increases hypertrophy or the growth of muscle cells. This happens because heavy weight lifting boosts the production of testosterone and growth hormone. When an individual lifts weight, his body releases hormones that promote tissue growth and allow your muscles to get bigger and stronger.

Building muscles is crucial for performing daily activities such as helping others, functioning independently, or indulging in any other social activity.